Saturday, May 17, 2014

"Fish For Life" Call to Action: Read On.....

Fish for life was a charity that was started by one of our local heroes, Jim Holden.    Having been on two of the cruises, it is just a life-changing experience.      His 4th Annual Fish for Life Texas Holdem Fundraiser with some of the leading lights of the NFL is at hand.     It is a chance to make a difference and support one of our own here in South Orange County. 

His Call to Action is noted below: 

We will have one NFL or MLB “Bounty Player” at each table meaning when (if) they get knocked out, they will sign a hat for the team they played for which New Era provides and have a photo taken with whoever eliminated them!  

Additional “Bounty Players” include:
Vince Ferragamo – Rams
John Allred – Steelers
Jim Weatherly – Raiders / Falcons
Craig McEwen – Redskins / Chargers
Arron Taylor – Packers / Chargers
Lance Zeno – Packers
Kirk Dodge - Broncos

This year we will have some additional entertainment:

  • Malibu the Mermaid” will help great you as you arrive!

  • Three Comedians will compete for a prize!
            (We’ll use a decibel meter to see who is the funniest by volume of applause)

  • Megan Theodorou who performed on Broadway in the Phantom of the Opera will sing a song.

  • A putting contest, blackjack & roulette to earn raffle tickets towards a chance at prizes and even one raffle drawing for a seat at the final table!

  • Steve Denault will play “Let’s Make a Deal” and gift away some cool gifts!

To reserve your seat NOW, go online at:

150 players max, Sign up soon if you can make it…..this will be a sell out.  

Spread the word!

Proceeds will help Fish for Life take more special needs kids out fishing this summer!!!

Here’s a video Inside Sportfishing put together about Fish for Life!

We just had our first trip ever in San Diego last Saturday, May 10th!
This was a joint effort between Fish for Life, Friends of Rollo & SAC (Sportfishing Assoc. of California)
We arranged for 30 children and 30 chaperons to be bused over the border from Mexico to enjoy their first experience fishing.
Here are a few pictures compliments of the Department of Fish & Game:  

The next trip is Saturday, June 21st in Dana Point sponsored by AFTCO!
Come have coffee and see the opening red carpet ceremonies at the Dana Wharf by 9:00am.
This is the first trip we are involving surfers to surf our wake after leaving the harbor to entertain our guests!!
The first surfer scheduled is Greg Long!

Cool Huh!

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