Thursday, May 15, 2014

Around South County: On the Heatwave and Fires.....

Southern California continues to suffer from 100+ degree heat which seems to not want to end.   For instance, today's one mile run @ Aliso Viejo Middle School was cancelled and the School Principal, Mrs. Smalley, had to break the bad news to Students about not being allowed to play Basketball due to the terrible heat.

It was quite gratiying to see how the "Social Grid" was utilized to help elevate awareness as epitomized by this from Congressman Issa:

Fires are raging on in Northern San Diego County.  The smoke is clearly visible about 50 miles away in South Orange County--and it shows no visible sign of "slowing down".     The City of Laguna Niguel's Emergency Services Coordinator sent out a general guidance to the Team Laguna Niguel CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team) on this matter earlier in the week:

As most of you are already probably aware the National Weather Service (NWS) has put a Red Flag Warning into effect for portions of Southern California including the Orange County Coastal Areas.

Please maintain a heightened sense of awareness to your surroundings and the potential fire dangers while you are conducting your day’s activities.

Also, if you live near a fire prone area this would be an excellent time to check your “grab-and-go” bag, review your emergency plans, and spend a few minutes prioritizing what you might take if you have to evacuate quickly.

Currently Fire Watch Patrols are not activated for the team.

We are monitoring the situation with Orange County Fire Authority, OC Parks, and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

If the situation warrants I, your team leader, or one of your section chiefs will notify you of an activation.

The weather has changed and all need to be prepared to deal with it.

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