Saturday, May 17, 2014

On the Fires in San Diego: Briefly on the Impact in South Orange County

The fires in San Diego County rage on.   As I write this, I received note that my Son's Water Polo Coach cancelled practice for the day and he decided to cancel an outdoor meeting he had planned out.   The smoke is clearly impacting the area today.  I only hope that the Dash For Hope scheduled for tomorrow and for which so much work has been done by two of the leading Faith Communities in South County will not be cancelled.  This is as The City of Laguna Niguel's Emergency Services Coordinator sent out this guidance to the CERT Team on May 16:

As I’m sure most of you know there are multiple fires burning in San Diego County with the most recent one presenting somewhat closer to the O.C. line.

Per the Orange County Operational Area there is not a current danger to OC.

There have been no requests for CERT mutual aid at this time.

As such, we remain in our non-activated status (relaxed and cool but always prepared to respond if requested).

As a training note: No matter how much we want to help, part of our discipline is to not self-activate. We respond as a team only when requested by an authorized agency.

Even though the Red Flag Warning has been cancelled and the temperature is expected to drop please remain vigilant in our community.

Finally, please pay attention to the notice that our Team Leader (Lisa) sent out earlier this week with regards to dealing with the heat and staying hydrated.

Thank you for your commitment to your City.

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