Thursday, May 29, 2014

Open Government in Action: A Day in the Life in South County :-)

One of the many beautiful aspects of Community Engagement is to be on the frontlines and be witness to an ever vibrant and engaging Community.    One fantastic example of it was the Monthly Meeting of the City of Laguna Niguel Traffic & Transportation Commission that was held on Wednesday, May 29 2014.   As a sitting Commissioner who has the privilege to sit on the Commission,  I was witness to this beautiful example of an engaged Community.

On the agenda, there were a number of community concerns that was at hand.  It included a discussion on the traffic on Monte Verde and thereafter discussions on the challenges with the Laguna Crest Community.      The active, engaged citizens who came to speak were prepared, were eloquent in expressing the profound concerns they had about safety.   There was thereafter some rather engaging discussions with the annual School Traffic plan for all school in City limits.   It was quite an enlightening moment when it was noted that the Crossing Guards are private contractors with little or no formal training that staff the Schools during the School Year.

Democracy will only work with an enlightened and engaged citizenry.   This was ever so evident at work....and it was a privilege to be witness to.

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