Saturday, November 4, 2017

Random Thoughts.....

On the Road at the Mission Viejo Library.....

Around Town in Aliso Viejo, California 

I was on the road for most of the week on business commitments as I also continued on-going support for the Daily Outsider helping with curating the Twitter Channel as I was also blown away by the continued beauty of Southern California.   I captured these images when visiting Mission Viejo Library and as I was on the road in Aliso Viejo.

It has been quite a week around our World as President Trump has been quite busy yet again slamming the Justice Department and the Justice System and as a Tax Bill that it appears would in fact stymie Economic Growth was introduced.    This is not me noting this--but Mark Zandi who served as the Chief Economic Advisor to John McCain during his Presidency.    Ozy had a column about how the Tax Plan was about to Annoy "coastal elites"--which I took issue with simply because the plan itself will steal from us in California to help the so-called Red States (terms I personally despise).

As I was reflecting upon the week, What blew me away was reporting by the US Federal Government underscoring how Climate Change has been caused by Human activites--despite everything that President Trump and his EPA Adminstrator, his Interior Secretary and Energy Secretary have said.     The Daily Caller (a Virtual Rag founded by Tucker Carlson who now is at Fox News--The President's Favorite News Channel) dismissed it.  I found this quote noted in this mornings Daily New York Times Snapshot I review quite striking:


"It begs the question, where are members of the administration getting their information from? They're obviously not getting it from their own scientists."
PHILIP B. DUFFY, president of the Woods Hole Research Center, on the release of a report from 13 federal agencies that says humans are the main cause of global warming, a stance contradicting much of the Trump administration's position.

I'm "off" the grid for the weekend as I gear up for Scouting For Food 2017 here in South Orange County.  I look forward to reflecting upon it during my mid-week "Random Thoughts".   It is being witness to such that continues to sustain my sense of hope not withstanding the very challenging week at hand:   

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