Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Random Thoughts For the Day While On the Road......

I have been on the road today on business and as earlier a "view of the week" was released on what an Iranian-American spoke (which I also shared on my own Facebook Wall), I picked this up on Facebook:

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I finished off two key thoughts on Facebook which I also wanted to note here:

On the road today...but continuing to see what is going on..and unfortunately caught just one minute of the latest rant by Sean Spicer out of the White House--Sean Spicer "Claims" it is not a ban--and what is so pathetic is how countries on the so-called list are supposed to "prove" they can vet-Dr. Naderi and all the other leading lights in Iranian-American Community would hot have been here to make America better Donald J. Trump Paul RyanSpeaker Paul Ryan (who just came out to say support the ban--which to me shows he does not have any backbone to stand up to TrumP) and what was also so pathetic was when Steve Scalise (Paul Ryan NO 3) came out criticizing Senate Democrats for showing some backbone when the GOP did everything in its' power to frustrate Obama--I asked a simple question while on Twitter and on the road earlier: How are these geniuses going to somehow compensate for the lack of Engineers, thinkers and Doctors (one estimate that US needs 95,0000 Doctors over the next number of years)? I hope these same geniuses who claim to be American but can't stand Americans hear Dr. Firouz Naderi story--and the pleas of all whose lives have been upended (yes after an extreme vetting) as a result of this--and for those who say it is about the Islamic republic, I note that Iran is not the Islamic Republic..and will just leave it at that....

& then continued as I formally released the image of leading Iranian Americans:

I always will salute Mark Zuckerberg Jack Dorsey et. al for what they did to grant us all ordinary faces & outsiders the opportunity to do what we can to make a difference--these visionaries are Iranian-Americans & they all helped to make America a better place because they lived up to the promise of America--I continue to remain optimistic despite the Monday Night Massacre in Washington, despite the ban, despite the tragic stories that I salute the The New York TimesWashington Post The Guardian CNN have reported on the lives up-ended by this by making sure they were not forgotten not withstanding the spint out of the White House--And salute Sally Yates for having the courage to stand up--it showed strength not withtstanding what the President said--as I salute all the Attorneys and regular ordinary folks who galvanized to be available especially in the Iranian American Community which I am proud to be a member of--As I was reminded of the immense accomplishments of these beautiful souls below, I only took comfort in one expression I have noted during all my walkabouts here: We Shall Overcome.

What was disappointing was the continued rhetoric out of the White House.  I compare that to what Justin Treadue noted when he spoke in Parliament after the horror in Quebec--a message of love, compassion and understanding that was very moving:

If only President Trump (who claims to be more Presidential than anyone else) understood what true leadership is.

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