Thursday, February 2, 2017

Random Thoughts On the Eve of the Week End......

As the 2nd Week of the Trump Administration comes to a close, I ran across this while making the rounds on the "Social Grid" that was telling:

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This person who released this to his Facebook Wall noted this: "....Folks -- An IMPORTANT FACT.....Donald Trump received about 63 million votes. That means only 20% of the overall population and 27% of the eligible voting population in the US voted for him. People don't vote..."  It begins with getting people out to the polls.   Whether the Democrats are able to do this or not is another matter.   The apathy is quite troubling, though.

As people are becoming apathetic, the fringe elements are very much becoming active.   Their view is, in my view, represented by Steve Bannon in the White House--whom according to the New York Times was at the dinner that had the President approve the Yemen Raid that killed an American Girl and also a US Navy Seal.    There are reports of flawed intelligence and mistakes--denied by the Pentagon.     What Chemi Shalev noted is as powerful as ever on the fringe elements seem to be in the ascendancy as underscored by the cover of this week's Time Magazine--and as a hatred of Islam seems to be at the forefront of White House Policy:  

As the World is witness to change, I ran across this from Iran's Foreign Minister about Iran's view on self-defense as The United States is apparently poised to impose sanctions on Iranian Entities after the President's early morning tweets: 


I find it interesting how the UN was cited by General Flynn even though they seem to exempt Israel always.     As I finished off my ""walkabout", I picked this up from the New York Times about how the lives of Ordinary Faces has been turned upside down by the refugee ban...Challenging Days...

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