Sunday, January 29, 2017

Random Thoughts: As a New Week is at hand

As a new week begins, I wanted to share two random tidbits for all to enjoy:

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I picked this up while on Facebook on an old image of Donald (Now President) Trump in Iran right before the Revolution.  He had visited Iran with Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson wanted to open up a Casino--and the plans were scrapped after the Revolution.   

But on a higher note, I wanted to share this (that the Outsider team also shared as well) on this very interesting book from Peter Diamands--something to celebrate about the possiblities of Humanity I hope all will have a chance to check out as I wish all a fabulous Week--and implore all to keep the faith...

This week, it's my pleasure to share with you a beautiful illustrated publication on the Top 10 Tech Trends Transforming Humanity.
I hope you'll download it, read it and share with friends, family and colleagues.
To read the publication, click here.

Help Me Spread the Word…

We live in the greatest time in human history (despite the negativity you hear constantly).
I want more people to understand this and to have an Abundance mindset.
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