Friday, December 16, 2016

On This Working W-End: Remembering a Selfless Soul Who Made a Difference

The single will raise money for the Jo Cox Foundation

At the height of the Brexit Campaign in the UK, The British Parliamentarian Jo Cox was murdered by a madman who has now been jailed for life.   I was horrified as I saw live coverage of the murder and as the details emerged.    I was blown away by the dignity shown by her family in the aftermath of this horrific act.

In her memory, artists and friends got together to sing this beautiful Rolling Stones song and Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards have waived all royalties as all sales will be used to support the foundation that has been named in her honor to carry on her work supporting refugees throughout the World.   Here is the Spotify URL for all to enjoy--and hope folks will consider buying the single to support the work of her foundation.   I salute Sir Mick Jaeger and Keith Richards for what they did in waiving royalties and the British Government for waiving VAT for this. 

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