Saturday, December 17, 2016

On #Aleppo (Cont'd w/updated thoughts on the International Day of Migration)

Whatever the Russians or the Iranians say, this is the reality...and it is just heart-wrenching beyond words to be witness to.   

Here is the latest update as of 12/18/2016:

I am seeing reports that apparently there is an updated agreement to get civilians out of Aleppo after an agreement to get besieged Shiite villages in Rebel-Held Territory also evacuated--buses were attacked and were in flames.  This is as Russia is set to veto a French-sponsored resolution to have UN observers be sent to Aleppo.  

This is also the International Day of Migration as the World has seen the highest amount of migration every--240 Million (almost 7% of them being Syrians).     The UN released this in commemoration of it:

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