Sunday, June 27, 2021

Out & About with #RandomThoughts


It has been quite a week.  I decided to headline my brief thoughts with this I own in my Personal Artifacts Collection: An original Signature of His Majesty the late Shah of Iran and his Second Wife, Queen Soraya--it was her birthday this week

While out & about on Social Media, I paid homage to the two young reporters who died.  I could not believe my eyes at the arrogance of Iran's Environment Organization head.    I also was horrified when I saw reporting about five soldiers losing their lives.     As I write this, Iranian Laborers have begun a nationwide strike with the simple slogan of 20-10 (20 days on-10 days off).   People are leaving Iran in droves (some 150,000 left last year).   I am listening to a program about the true realities in Iran --I broke down when one of the analysts talked about how, in the UAE, there is a ministry called the Ministry of Success & Happiness--and how the unemployment stipend Kuwaitis received is higher that Surgeons in Iran.     It was also just sickening when the Deputy Health Minister called those who criticized the untested Vaccine, Morons.      The last comment was even more sickening:  how 5 million kids have mental issues: 

I remain hopeful that light will shine again on Iran in spite of all the horrors the people have to deal with as I hope that the unity as a result of the boycott of the Elections will be sustained.    

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