Sunday, July 4, 2021

Out & About With Some Brief #RandomThoughts On this #4thofJuly

It is Independence Day here in the United States.    I was working away gearing up for the new week of commitments, finalize planning in support of the Daily Outsider along with other projects as my mind yet again drifted away towards Iran as I saw the overnight developments.    The two images I note above captures how a Grand Canyon continues to persist as a new "clique" takes power in Iran in a few weeks.

I have been looking and finally found two very simple yet profound tweets that explain the true realities in Iran right now--it is sad and tragic how a country that was bound to be in the First Tier of Countries has sunk so low that its' passport is now 189 in the World, 50 million (according to the regime's own officials) are expected to be Environmental Refugees, how over 150,000 of the best and brightest have left as regime officials peddle self-sufficiency in Vaccines (even though less than 10% of the population has been vaccinated) and  as this persists: 



Translated from Persian by
Go to Armenia for a vaccine, to Abu Dhabi for a visa, to a TOEFL test in Georgia, to a concert in Antalya, to have a drink in Istanbul, to experience the sea in Dubai, to experience freedom, to live a normal life. He moved away from the shadow of the Islamic Republic.

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