Sunday, June 20, 2021

On this #FathersDay2021: Rememebering an Iran Legend/In Memoriam | PARVIZ KARDAN | 1937 - 2021

Today is Fathers' Day in the United States.   I extend Fathers' Day wishes to all my brother Fathers' who do all that they can to make a difference.   As I was reflecting on this day and the continued calamity that has befallen Iran today--especially in the aftermath of the election, I decided to release this tribute courtesy the great folks at Farhang Foundation as they paid tribute to a great Iranian, Parviz Kardan who passed away recently.   May his soul rest in peace and grant solace to his wife and daughter--as he will live on in the immense body of work he produced and the almost 60 years he was with Iranians:


Mr. Kardan was born in Shiraz on October 20, 1937, and started his artistic career in 1959 by acting on stage and on television. He studied at the Tehran School of Dramatic Arts and later continued his studies in Directing in London, where he developed the idea of Iranian television sitcoms through what he had witnessed on popular British television. 

He was one of the leading trailblazers of Iranian television and he starred in and directed several shows including "Jabeye Ashrafi” (director), “Amir Arsalan” (director), “Sarkar Ostovar” (co-directed by Mansour Pourmand and Parviz Sayyad), "Octopus" (co-directed with Parviz Sayyad), “Khaneh Bedoosh” (director and star), “Adam Kaghazi” (director and star), “Marde Aval” (director) and “Tabestan, Tabestan” (director).
Mr. Kardan started his career in Cinema in 1971 by directing and starring in "Amoo Yadegar." A year later, he starred in "Shir-Too-Shir." His last film was "Morad Barghi Va Haft Dokhtaroon" in 1974.

After the 1979 Iranian revolution, Mr. Kardan was forced to emigrate to London and later to Los Angeles where he continued his theatrical and television work on such productions as “Mohakemeye Iraj Mirza,” "Tehran Oh Tehran," “Haft Rang,” “Salam Va Khodahafez Shazdeh Khanoom,” and in several plays including "Waiting for Godot" by Samuel Beckett. In addition to the stage, he hosted his own television shows on Farda T.V., VOA Persian, and many other networks.

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