Friday, August 2, 2019

#RandomThoughts As a New Month Dawns.....

It has been quite a month!!

I decided to create a Visual set of #RandomThoughts on my travel this week as I criss-crossed California.  I always knew our home state was great--but it was reinforced.

@CityofDavis, California 

Uncle Vito's:  Downtown @CityofDavis 

@UC Davis:  Visiting the Memorial Union & the Gorham Museum 

@the California State Capitol Park:  The USS California Bell 

@The California State Capitol:  Honoring Governor Johnson 

@ The California State Capitol Park:  Remembering the Firefighters Fallen in the Line of Duty Since 1850 

@ The California State Department of Education 

Traveling Thru California:  The Central Valley (The Breadbasket of the World) 

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