Friday, July 26, 2019

Out & About with Some M-End Thoughts.....

August is upon us.    It has been a challenging month working away on projects for the Daily Outsider and trying to be supportive of the transition to a new platform and the resulting strategy.  One of the many highlights for me was when the Daily Outsider was named by Google to the Google News Initiative.  One of the highlights was the launch of the Google Cloud Platform as I  look forward to being supportive of on-going development work.  

The Daily Outsider properties will be dark until the end of the Month as the planning continues to lay out the curation schedule and continue gearing up for the eventual transition.    The thought I ran across here is both applicable to our personal lives as well as The Daily Outsider in spite of the odds!!! 

I look forward to the on-going engagement next month--Onward to August with all its' possibilities!!

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