Monday, August 19, 2019

#RandomThoughts On the Dawn of a New Week....

It has been quite a weekend that for me began with joining the Cal State Guard Military History Command at the Merage Jewish Center as the Center once again was gracious enough to host the Jewish Medal of Honor Recipients.  I captured this image from the Garden which was extremely moving as I underscored:  #NeverAgain. 

My odyssey  continued as I was at the City of Laguna Niguel 30th Anniversary Carnival.   It was great to be witness to the vibrancy of the Community and the dedication of the City Staff.   It was a pleasure to create grids in support of Donate A Photo.

It has been a distressing week in many respects, though as an Afghan Wedding Party was attacked by the Islamic State and Iran continues to be suffering.    I am trying to understand the writings by a man by the name of Ahmad Al-Ghabanchi which I look forward to helping to feature in the Education Property as I view that Islam is yet to adjust to modernity.     I also had some research/discourse on Social Media on the President as epitomized by the following:

As a new week dawns, I decided to capture some thoughts while on my social media curation initiative which I thought was quite poignant as I look forward to the opportunity to be of continued support for Daily Outsider Projects and on-going initiatives--I remain optimistic ever more in spite of the challenges.

As I note to say Onward to the new week, I close out this weekly #RandomThoughts with the following: 

Remaining Hopeful...

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