Sunday, August 11, 2019


It has been a challenging week on a multitude of fronts.    I took a little time to be at Mission Viejo Mall as I did a Good turn by recycling some old cell phones.   I caught the headline while on my walkabout.

While awaiting at the ecoATM machine, I saw this:

It has also been a week where I have seen the compassion and caring of healthcare professionals in action at Mission Hospital.    I caught this while at Mission Hospital earlier this week:

It is such that continues to sustain my sense of hope and optimism in spite of the profound challenges the country faces in the aftermath of Dayton and El Paso.   The Time Magazine Cover said it all:

The work at the Daily Outsider has also been on-going--and at times, challenging.       As I was reflecting upon the week that was, all I could possibly motivate myself to do is to remember what these admonitions are and what I must live up to: 

There lies the challenge....

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