Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Out & About w/Final Thought as New Month Looms.....

January is drawing down.   It has been an interesting and at times challenging few days as I was on the road on commitments.   I produced this from my 24 hours in Southern California while I was on the road--a journey that began in Laguna Niguel, traveled on the Metrolink to Union Station, spent the day on commitment in Downtown Los Angeles, returned to Laguna Niguel and thereafter ended the night this past Tuesday Night in Laguna Beach.     It has also been quite a challenging few days as as I saw the shocking report on the shutdown cost--11 Billion--and the sobering assessment by the heads of the US Intelligence Community in essence rebuking the statements by President Trump on ISIS/Daesh, North Korea and Iran--and another unknown meeting between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.   The team at the Daily Outsider will continue to assess them all.

Challenging times indeed as we await the new Month:

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