Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Out & About With #RandomThoughts :) :)

It has been quite a January--from working away on commitments for the Daily Outsider, dealing with an injury (which was a curve-ball) and trying to stay sane thru it all!!!  
What I captured above courtesy of the Mission  captures exactly a sense of the true possible.   In spite of all the profound challenges over the past few weeks, what made my month was what I received from the American Red Cross below as I worked away in the aftermath of my recent injury which gave me a moment of pause to reflect while watching Jennifer Anniston and Aaron Eckhard in Love Happens--it is in the end about making a difference in whatever way one can: 



 Thank you for being an American Red Cross platelet donor. Your platelets may be a lifesaving gift to patients in need, including cancer and trauma patients, individuals undergoing major surgeries, patients with blood disorders and premature babies.

Your donation on 12/30/2018 was sent to Riverside Community Hospital in Riverside, CA and University of California, Irvine Medical Center in Orange, CA to help patients in need. Your donation made its way to save lives.

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