Monday, January 21, 2019

#RandomThoughts On this #MLKDay2019

As I write this, it is a day that America remembers the life and times of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.   He was an ordinary man who made a difference--and I always hope and pray that I could be remembered as such!!

Over the #MLK2019 W-End, our team at the Daily Outsider selected speeches and impact of Dr. King that the team decided to headline throughout the week.    This is also as the longest US Government Shutdown continued as well.    As it stands now, the Shutdown continues as I saw President Trump's Offer in his Saturday Speech.    I just hope reason prevails so that the Federal Employees caught in the middle will be made whole.

I decided to share some #RandomThoughts as I noted this first one courtesy of the former Clinton and Obama Economic Advisor, Gene Sperling: 

I am with him in that the need for an active and vibrant Public Sector is absolutely vital and I remain optimistic that the Political Leadership throughout the World believe in it too.    This is as my mind again drifted onward to Iran too with all the profound challenges being faced that I have periodically shared--What this that was captured in  recent images was compelling:

A Sense of the Reality in Iran-Courtesy Tavana 

Isfahan, Iran Today 

The cartoon depicts how the political Leadership seeks medical treatement in Europe as normal ordinary faces in Iran have to resort to prayers as the Health System in the Country faces imminent collapse.  Furthermore, as elites see off their children to fly off to foreign lands to seek opportunites, the kids have to go to school in the outdoors.   The Second Image is from the City of Isfahan whose main River has been dried out due to mismanagement--with this from a Parliament Deputy recently that the entire City may lose its' popluation within the next 20 years because of it--as thousands of villages are losing populations in the South of the Country already.

These are challenging times--Remaining optimistic is not easy--but one has too no doubt for the sake of all.    

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