Sunday, March 11, 2018

Remembering My Ameh Mimi

Life has its' Profound twists and turns.   I had been working away on projects in support of the Daily Outsider and some of my Virtual Education Work when I got the call from my Aunt Mahroo  that My Eldest Aunt, Mahour (Mimi) Pourarien Hormozi passed away earlier this afternoon.    I joined my Aunt Mahroo as we drove to Los Angeles on this rainy night here in Southern California. 

I briefly saw her as she laid peacefully in the shower and then had the privilege to help my Cousin John and the Mortuary Representative as we escorted her body to the Mortuary Van.      My Aunt Mimi  was the most gracious of ladies that was active in her community with a deep sense of faith and purpose--and always sought to be the light for all.   She and my Late Uncle, Dr. Hormozi, opened up their homes every Friday Night for over 40 years (that I can recall) as they hosted a discussion on Faith and righteousness which I had the pleasure to be at on many occasions.     She was always encouraging me and always counseled me to remain optimistic and upbeat especially some of the darker periods of my life--as she always reminded me even as she dealt with the illness of my Uncle to tell me: I am just a phone call away.   

Earlier tonight, I finished this on my Facebook Wall while at my Aunt's Condo as my Cousins and Aunts were there.    I am grateful beyond words to all who were  gracious enough to pass on their condolences both on my personal Wall and my Cousin Jim Hormozi's Wall:  

RIP Ameh Mimi made a difference for us all:

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