Monday, March 26, 2018

Out & About On The Final Week of March 2018....

It has been quite a week. 

My weekend began with my day of service joining the #MarchForOurLives rally in San Clemente as I was blown away by the eloquence of the visitors from Parkland Who Spoke and as about a thousand people showed up down here in San Clemente.         This is as John Bolton was hired as President Trump's National Security Adviser.   I was on Twitter most of the Week since the Announcement deriding this appointment.    I'll let the Daily Outsider Big Brothers (NBC; CBS; Fox News; ABC et. ) continue to talk about the Stormy Daniels Saga--and I'll leave it at that along with the dilemma after his lawyers & the Russia Saga. 

One of the many blessings I always embrace hourly is the Family.    It has been a little over Two Weeks since My Aunt Mimi passed away and we all in our own way have been dealing with this grief.  This is also, though, as we all brought in Spring and for Iranian-Americans like I was the First Day of Nowruz:

Iranians around the World were able to celebrate as they took comfort in the programs by the Voice of America, BBC Farsi along with Iranian Entertainment Channels.    One of the programs I consult daily, Iran Farda (as part of my responsibilities at the Daily Outsider), also had a more perceptive and engaging look at the year that was.   Dr. Nourizadeh's tribute to the Former Deputy Prime Minister of Iran, Abbas Amir Entezam, was extremely moving.   Mr. Amir Enterzam was in prison for over 36 years and for seven years did not even have the right to wear shoes.   I'll be helping on working on a column for the Daily Outsider over the ensuing days. 

As I was reflecting upon this week, selfless souls were also in action as I joined the final Knights of Columbus Fish Fry at my spiritual home, St. Timothy's Parish.    It was great to see the Youth serving the community as they did.     I also had the pleasure to be supportive of "Operation Baby Shower".--an initiative by the Laguna Niguel Military Support Committee in support of the City's Three adopted Units.    How the Community came together was gratifying.   I was very happy to see this about the Corporation for National Service having been saved as noted below--I had the pleasure to add my voice to this effort.   What is critical to note is that the battle was won--but the war is yet to be won:

Wow. We just landed a victory for national service—thanks to all of you.  
Congress passed and the President just signed a $1.3 trillion omnibus appropriations bill to fund government operations for the remainder of fiscal year 2018 (which ends on September 30, 2018). The bill includes $1.06 billion for CNCS, an increase of nearly $34 million. The bill sustains funding for Senior Corps and AmeriCorps*VISTA, includes an increase of $26 million for AmeriCorps State and National, and increases funding for state commissions, AmeriCorps*NCCC, the Volunteer Generation Fund and Days of Service.
We couldn't have done this without your work: your calls, emails, press outreach, and meetings with lawmakers and their staff made the difference. Now we need your help one more time to thank the members of Congress who prioritized investments in AmeriCorps and Senior Corps.  
Let's remember where this started just over a year ago: with a shut down budget. But working together, we turned a shutdown budget into an increase in funding for national service. We reminded Congress that national service programs are doing essential work in communities across the country and that we should expand investments in AmeriCorps and Senior Corps, not cut them. Let's keep up the momentum as we head into the FY19 appropriations process by letting our champions know that we appreciate their support.
Thank you for everything you do to raise your voice in support of AmeriCorps and Senior Corps.
Yours in Service,
AnnMaura Connolly
Voices for National Service

It was also a weekend that was Earth Hour which I joined:

We will all do our part as I say loudly...
Onward to the new week with all its' possibilities....

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