Sunday, February 19, 2017

Random Thoughts: On the Week That Was....

It is the final week of February 2017--and It has been an interesting week.   

I don't mind noting how "virtually breathless" I have been as I have helped support @DailyOutsider and worked on other initiatives.   I have been blown away by Facebook and how it is starting to truly evolve into a tool to oppose the Presidents' Policies.   It is the World's Town Square precisely due to such very interesting thoughts: 

This Sunday saw the Chief Surrogate for the President, The White House Chief of Staff, work to change the conversation--even though the Giants in the Media Space seem to be getting their footing. What I have found very interesting is how Stephen Miller and KellyAnne Conway seem to have disappeared after Mr. Miller's very problematic performance   It has been a very worrying 30 days to say the least.

While working away on helping to prepare a write up on Israel, I ran across this very interesting set of images courtesy of : 


For those who may not know who he is , He's the legendary Chief of Staff of the Israeli Defense Forces, Moshe Dayan who went to Vietnam as a Special Correspondent during the Vietnam War and his criticism of the United States conduct of the War was profound.     

As I was working away, though, my hope and optimism continued to be sustained by a number of things.   I again refer to Facebook as I saw a friend and Community Leader supporting her daughter's Girl Scout Cookie efforts in the rain!!  We here in Southern California have been dealing with rain over the past number of weeks--yet Girl Scouts have been out there in full force come rain or shine!!    I was also so proud of my Son as he chaired his Lions Heart Club Chapter Meeting as their focus was on Community Service and how to give back.  It is witness to such that sustains me in the challenging times we've been witness to.    I also picked up this clip on another very hopeful and courageous act from Afghanistan to transform the lives of Girls in Afghanistan: 

As I finished off a working weekend of research, I ran across this:   

Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting

This depicts the last elected Iranian Prime Minister, Dr.Mohammad Mosadeq, as he received visitors while negotiating the Nationalization of Iran's Oil Industry.     He was deposed in a CIA-Sponsored Coup in 1953.    I also picked up another tragic story on the Late Shah of Iran's Second Wife, Queen Soraya that +CNN International  did a very nice job reporting on (including the image below from the late Shah and Queen Soraya):   

The Shah of Iran Mohammed Reza Pahlavi with Soraya Esfandiary Bakhtiari in 1958.
Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi & Queen Soraya Esfandiari
I could not help but help these random thoughts on what I picked up which was published by +POLITICO as they shared a summary of the editorial cartoons for the week as the Prime Minister of Canada ended his summit with President Trump:  
Signe Wilkinson - Washington Post Writers Group and Cartoonist Group.jpg

Onward to the New Week with all its' possibilities!!!

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