Saturday, February 4, 2017

Random Thoughts On This Working W-End......

In a few hours, Super Bowl LI begins.   It will be a nice distraction from the very challenging week the United States and the World has been witness to.   The President is in Florida at what they now deem the "Winter White House".    I will not watch the Super Bowl as I am not a fan--although I helped with curation of Pandora Stations and other thoughts for all to hopefully enjoy at the Daily Outsider. 

I had also hoped to be at an evening of service for the High School--but I thought I had double-booked myself--I ended up working on projects gearing up for upcoming training later on this week--as I continue to assess the on-going debate and the moves against the Federal District Judge--as a reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald noted how the President hit a "Brick Wall".     

As I have been working away, I saw another masterpiece from the Lebanese Blogger Elias Fares.  He wrote two beautiful pieces as the refugee ban began including a beautiful takedown of the Arab World:

He also wrote a beautiful tribute to America as well and followed it up with another eloquent reminder about all from the Middle East who have made America great that I released to my Facebook Wall earlier tonight: 

Enough said...

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