Tuesday, October 21, 2014

On Giving Back: Brief Personal Thoughts

#GivingTuesday is on December 2 this year.      I had a chance to begin this early yesterday when I decided to facilitate delivery of recycled bottles and cans for Aliso Viejo Middle School to the local recycling center.    What has happened is that due to the statewide fraud, the California Regulator--Cal Recycle--has mandated that all sites must be certified.   

I have been ever so amazed by how our wonderful Falcon Community has been ever so supportive of this initiative.    Since the school began, we were able to garner about 140 pounds which yielded around $ 209 for our school.  It was not much--but it was about a broader purpose to do what we can when we can to make a difference.   I admit it was not easy to load up 140 Lbs onto a Van, unload it, sort it and wait for young Joseph at the Recycling Center to go through each, weigh it and run it through his crushing machine.     But, as I reflected upon that day, I could not help but be inspired by this admonition from Churchill that the folks at #GivingTuesday shared in their call to action for those of us who have committed to this cause:

Beyond the wonderful support of the School Community, it was also gratifying to see how the local Home Depot Team was so amenable to donate the Van Rental.   An embrace of this was ever so welcome as they did it with a smile.   All can effect change and make a difference if they so choose--and this was a community coming together to make a difference for the School and the Environment.   The challenge, of course, is to continue sustaining it.   

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