Friday, October 31, 2014

Around South County: On #Halloween, #Elections & Other Brief Thoughts

Elections are before us.   Orange County and South Orange County is no different.    The Registrar of Voters team under the leadership of Neal Kelley has been hard at work gearing up for the elections.  Earlier today, a training class was held for Coordinators who will be part of the team that will administer 1135 Polling Sites throughout Orange County.     We will be commenting on the elections and its' aftermath in lieu of some very crucial races in South County that is before us--including the very tight race for County Supervisor, open Council Cities in major South County cities in addition to a very hotly contested race for the Capistrano Unified School Board.

It was also ever so gratifying to see the spirit of Halloween ever so vibrant throughout South County as Children and their parents pounded the pavement and went on Tricking & Treating!!    May the spirit of Halloween endure ever more.

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