Thursday, October 30, 2014

Around Town in South County (10/30/2014): On the elections; trailmasters & Other Thoughts.....

It is the eve of Halloween here in South Orange County.  It is also election eve.   Last minute electioneering has been going on non-stop by all candidates countywide and especially in South Orange County.

Beyond electioneering, though, the vibrancy of the Community has continued in ever so ways.  One example of it was the momentous day that was organized by Laguna Niguel's' Trailmasters:  Troop 772.    This was quite an achievement and some of the key highlights was underscored by the Troop 772 Committee Chair in her comments to the Trailmasters Community: 

·         It took 48 MB Counselors and volunteers to pull off this MB Day – 11 adults did not even have Scouts participate in the event!  
·         We ended up with 225 Registered Scouts from 77 different units scattered around southern California
·         We actually served 202 Scouts because 23 did not show-up
·         We extended 5 scholarships
·         We served 4 special needs Scouts
·         We helped one Scout earn his 139th Merit Badge (he came from the Pasadena area – he has attended 5 of our MB Days)
·         We had 3 First Aid cases:  One Trading Post Staff, who will remain nameless had superficial laceration to a the index finger (a regular MB Day occurrence), one Scout complaining about a sore eye (he had rubbed it with dirty hands – he was fine after washing it with water and eye drops), one vegetarian Scout who ate the pasta dish with meat rather than the vegetarian version. He ended up with an upset stomach/vomiting
·         We were complimented by the LDS Church members for leaving-no-trace! 
·         We received numerous verbal compliments from parents of Scouts for running one of the best events in southern California. 

This underscores how the vibrancy of Community Action Plans can truly make a difference by embracing all and appreciating all.     We also had a chance to be privy to another Community Organization that has sprung up as a result of a vision that one Teacher had to make a difference i the lives of Students that has evolved into the Orange County Debate League.    We look forward to commenting on it soon as we also hope to comment on some of the upcoming on-going events here in South Orange County as we celebrate Thanksgiving.

and Happy Halloween to all!!

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