Monday, April 17, 2023

Out & About with some Brief Mid-Week #RandomThoughts


It has been quite a month!!

I was reflecting upon the month and the year as I had the pleasure of attending a play by the independent collective artists of Los Angeles as a tribute to the Iranian Revolution:  Seven Labours of Liberty.    

As I also was working away, I realized how as a simple ordinary face, I have done what I can to make a difference- by serving as a Scout Leader and volunteering for my local Catholic parish food pantry.   Despite the odds, this is also as I continue working on Daily Outsider projects.   Despite a very challenging schedule, though, I do what I can for our World as a simple ordinary face by doing social advocacy contributing to Global Citizen to contribute to their campaigns on the environment and social equality issues around the World. I also am a member of the World Community Grid that, contributes idle my idle Computer time to scientific research around the World.

I also, through ecosia, contribute to doing what I can for our Earth as I leverage the usage of the Treecard App. For every 10,000 steps, ecosia plants a tree around the World. When a certain dollar threshold is made, a tree is planted. I have done my small part having been able to plant 240 trees over the last 12 months.   As we're also approaching Earth Day 2023, I plan on joining my hometown's earthy day events at our city's Botanical Preserve to help plant trees.  

I am grateful for the privilege to reflect upon my blessings to do my small part to make a difference in every way possible.   

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