Monday, April 10, 2023

Out & About with brief Personal #RandomThoughts

While working away, I wanted to reflect upon a very proud aspect of my personal history as I was a student at the Don Bosco "Andiseh" Academy in Iran, and I decided to reflect upon it as I also feature this about the beauty of Persian Culture: 

Gheymeh Nesar

Gamaj Kabab - Lamb Stew With Herbs And Walnuts Cooked in Terracotta Pot

Gamaj Kabab is a mouthwatering dish from the Gilan province in northern Iran. Gamaj is a piece of Persian Terracotta-style cookware to slow cook meat and fish.

Gheymeh Nesar - Persian Jewelled Rice with Meat

Gheymeh Nesar is a divinely luscious dish from Qazvin, Iran. This luxurious rice dish is a celebration of color with a heavenly taste. Gheymeh refers to the small pieces of meat and Nesar means something like ‘offering’, highlighting how precious this dish is, which is why it is often prepared on special occasions.

Khoresh-e Khalal - Persian Lamb Stew with Dried Limes, Black Barberries, and Slivered Almonds

Khoresh-e Khalal is a flavourful lamb stew from the Kermanshah province in western Iran.The black barberries give the dish a pleasant hint of sourness. The sun-soaked limes add further tartness and irresistible fragrance, while the slivered almonds add texture, making each spoon full a multi-sensory adventure.

Do Piazeh Jegar - Spicy Onion Chicken Liver

Do Piazeh Jegar is a southern Iranian dish made of chicken liver. There are different recipes in different regions and southern cities but they all have a common ingredient - chilli. I tried to keep the authenticity of the recipe with a bit of Hami’s touch!  



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