Monday, April 3, 2023

Out & About With Brief #RandomThoughts On Nowruz

 Yesterday, Iranians throughout Southern California celebrated Nowruz--the 13th Day with a day with Family.

I salute the team at Farhang Foundation who's done so much (and I've had the privilege to periodically contribute to their work) as I note these #RandomThoughts on this pivotal #WomanLifeFreedom Year: 

We wish you a very happy 13th Day of Nowruz.
As we close this year's special annual Nowruz season, we look back at all of Farhang Foundation's programs and events in observance of this ancient Iranian holiday.

Wishing everyone around the world light and freedom in the new year.
Over 700 Nowruz - Woman Life Freedom
street banners throughout the streets of Southern California
Designed by Rashin Kheiriyeh

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