Monday, February 1, 2021

#RandomThoughts On this 42nd Anniversary of the Iranian Revolution

As I begin a challenging month, I wanted to share some brief #randomthoughts which I released to my Personal Facebook Wall--as Maya Neyestani, the Iranian Cartoonist who's work is regularly featured on IranWire, Deutesche Welle depicted the true realities: 

Earlier, I shared a note from Mr Reza Khandan, the husband of Nasrin Sotoudeh نسرین ستوده (who himself is under a suspended sentence & is out on bail) , on a painful note on the plight of prisoners in Iran right now and especially the women's prison--It is just hard to read--and recently I bought a license of the movie on her life that's now available on Amazon and watched it again-as I am hearing reports that the fascists now want to steal the Imperial Crown Collection now--on top fo all that they've done to plunder Iran over the past 42 years. The world must know the true realities and I am in awe at his courage and the courage of all who've had to be at the forefront of struggle for Iran's Freedom ever since 42 years ago when Khomeini returned to Iran that began the darkest period that has burnt three generations beginning with my parents' generation. The suicide of a 14 year old child who was a street child selling bottled water instead of being in School really shook me up. While I tried to process this latest in a long list of tragedies that has befallen that beautiful land that endowed us with what the West knows as Rumi, Hafez, Saadi and yes first taught the World thru the teaching of the prophet Zartooshtt the three simple admonitions of Speak Kindly, Think Kindly and Act kindly (that I periodically share during my weekly walkabouts), I revisited this powerful song from a year ago that was song by Rojan with lyrics by one of the greatest contemporary living Iranian Poets & lyricist, the great Hadi Khorsandi...It is titled the "cries of mothers" as the lyrics reminds the fascists' holding Iran hostage - epitomized by the sarcastic laughs of Rouhani and Zarif, what they've done to Iran --and gives voice to the mothers who lost their loved ones..and says we mothers will not forget and are made of Iron...that the Mothers whose legacy go back 5,000 years--As I hope I did justice to a brief synopsis of the lyrics, the scenes it captured (and so proud of the ones producing it utilizing I believe Prisma.AI as one of the opening scenes shows the Mother of Satar Beheshthi who was murdered during the Green Movement and Narges Mohammadi--whose Book White Torture I'm reading and can only read one page at a time as it is so hard to read--and who's now been banned from leaving Iran to go see her children)--The fascists' are gearing up in Tehran to deem Khomeini's home coming as a celebration--as everyone else in the know deems it as the era of torture (Daheh Zajr) as Corona rages on, hunger and suffering increase...all those of us in the know can only do is to make sure we do our small part to give voice to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice and continue to ask that the almighty grant all the strength and the wisdom to overcome..and as I conclude, a note of apology for any run-on I implore all to stay safe...and to keep the faith......


Here is the original Facebook Posting:

Earlier, I shared a note from Mr Reza Khandan, the husband of Nasrin Sotoudeh نسرین ستوده (who himself is under a...

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