Monday, February 15, 2021

Out & About With #RandomThoughts For the Week...

 Today is President's Day in the United States--and yesterday was Valentine's Day.    As I have been working away on projects, I decided to be really brief here as I hereby present the following clip courtesy the fab folks at the Farhang Foundation (which I released as a story on Valentine's Day 2021) featuring a very talented Iranian Artist, Tina Amy:

I have also been serving as an Extra Help Staffer for the County of Orange's Operations Independence Initiative vaccinating all of Orange County.   I am grateful the County approved vaccinations for all of us who are serving as I released this over Valentine's Day W-End on my FB & Instagram Feeds: 

As I close out these brief #RandomThoughts, I close it out with this uplifting note I got from UC Davis for the small role I've had the privilege to be a small part of:  

Hi Michael, to show our appreciation for your dedication to the UC Davis Annual Fund, we've made this video just for you!
 Envelope from UC Davis Annual Fund that says: Michael 

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