Monday, June 22, 2020

#RandomThoughts As a New Week Dawns....

This week's #RandomThoughts is truly personal--because it is about all I  am blessed with as yesterday was Fathers' Day.  

While out & about with visits to the Social Grid yesterday, I shared thoughts and images remembering all who have made a difference.    I had the good fortune to pay my respects to my Father--I am one blessed dude that is thankful for every semi-millisecond in spite of the challenges.   As we all grow up, we begin to have disagreements with our Parents--and yes our Children.   It is that sense of it all that in the end makes all frankly realize how blessed we are to have them in our lives.    As I was working away on the daily media rounds, I ran across this from China Daily which said it all:

The last few days were admittedly again very trying with some of the events on the political scene and some of the on-going profound challenges in Iran--I have been sidetracked with the contemplated #RandomThoughts I've contemplated on Iran.   I did run across this which broke my heart on the Dad's who lost their loved ones when PS752 was shot down--which also gave me a moment of pause to be even more thankful in spite of challenges:

As I hope to have it soon, I ran across this during a visit to the Biden Campaign Site--the message itself resonated .   I see no choice:

Remaining hopeful.....

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