Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Out & About with Brief Month-End & Quarter-End #RandomThoughts

The last three months was quite stressful at times--between being on Alert, trying to navigate through the challenges at the Daily Outsider, and the broader World challenges, it left quite a bit to be desired--including the reporting on Russians offering bounty money to the Taliban--which was included in the Presidential Daily Brief in spite of the spin--with this the New York Times reported today by Adam Goldman .   I understand from the New York Times reporting that at least 3 US Marines who  died  in 2019 may have died as a result of this program.    

As I write this, I have been working on a draft #RandomThoughts that will be published next week on Iran.  I also have been helping with editing a column as well on Iran especially in light of the latest UN Security Council Hearing on Iran which was held virtually--that I understood both sides were admonished.    A major explosion also occurred in Tehran at a Medical Center that resulted in the death of 19 people--including a number of Doctors.         

Back home here in the US, It has also been quite a worrisome time as COVID-19 has come back and come back strong--as I was working away on Social Media Analysis and Engagement at the Daily Outsider, I released this to my personal Twitter Feed in support of what Governor Newsom called for--just to live up to what I've called for: 

Vala Afshar--who is a must read for me on Twitter--noted a very critical point that I found very tragic--although I did welcome a call by Vice President Pence and US Senator McConnell to wear masks: 

As I bid farewell to the quarter, all I could take comfort in were these thoughts as I look forward to the on-going engagements during Q3:  

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