Tuesday, May 19, 2020

While Out & About For the Night.....

I caught this during my daily curation work for the Daily Outsider that I released to my FB Wall which I wanted to also note here in some late notations--anyone listening will be able to be supportive of the work of the Pan American Health Organization courtesy the team at Sony Music Latin!!

As I also continued being out and about, I decided to call up one of Coach Wooden's Favorite pieces of poetry which is kind of appropriate for the moment as I implore all to #StaySafe, #BeWell & #KeepTheFaith  as I wish all a great rest of the week and a great weekend:


When your world's
about to fall,
And your back's
against the wall,
When you're facing
wild retreat and utter rout;
When it seems that
naught can stop it,
All your pleas and plans
can't prop it
Get a grip on yourself and--
stick it out!

Any craven fool can quit,
But a man with pluck and grit
Will hold until the very final shout;
In the snarling teeth of sorrow
He will laugh and say;
"Tomorrow The luck will change--
I guess I'll stick it out."

The luck does change; you know it,
All the records prove and show it,
And the men who win are men who strangled doubt,
Who neither hesitate nor swerve,
Who have grit and guts and nerve,
And whose motto is;
play hard and stick it out.

And you think you can't last long,
Whenever things go wrong,
That you've got to quit
not wait the final bout;
Smile, smile at your beholders,
Clench your teeth
and square your shoulders,
and fight!
You win if you but STICK IT OUT!


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