Monday, May 11, 2020

Out & About With Weekly #RandomThoughts

I was blessed to spend Mothers Day with my Mother and Sister.   I had been writing and reflecting upon my blessing throughtout the week especially as the Pandemic has truly brought home what is important and what is not--and yes to embrace the brutal facts that we have a blessed life and at some stage we will die.    We must truly savor all the moments we have.

As I have been assessing on-going initiatives, pondering the future of the Daily Outsider and thinking about #LifeAfterCovid, my mind drifted to my trip to Atlanta back in February before the Pandemic hit us as it did.   I had the pleasure to visit the National Civil Rights Center, the Georgia Aquarium, CNN and the Olympic Park--and the Coca Cola Museum.   All of these symbols of American Greatness reflect a true sense of the possible and a sense of resilience.   I was in awe at the courage and optimism I saw in spite of all the challenges--when, for instance, I was seeing the scenes from Dr. King's Funeral.     I will have more to say on it over the ensuing weeks as I produced this Visual Essay on Atlanta:

This is also quite a month as Muslims are celebrating Ramadan.   Every night around 10 PM PST the Kalameh Network from London features a live feed from Saudi Arabia (delayed though) as evening prayers are cited at the Holy Kaaba.    The Holy Kaaba, Islam's Holiest Shrine, is closed and all who are praying are the Kaaba Staff who have been tested and are not allowed to leave.     It is quite a scene to be witness to it --Normally, millions on a 24 hour basis visit the Holy Kaaba which was first built by the Prophet Abraham.

While I was out & about in the Community, someone called me out--she wanted me to step aside to observe Social Distancing Rules even though she did not have a mask and I did--I was unfortunately side tracked on my Phone as I was doing my mid-day review of developments for the Daily Outsider.   Later on, I visited a friend of mine and he made it a point of reminding on how we must all be diligent on Social Distancing Rules.   I note these two very simple examples to underscore how the new normal is before us and we must embrace it for the sake of each other.

I close out with the following Visual #RandomThoughts on Visual  Essays I produced over the course of the last number of weeks during #LifeInTheTimeofCorona: 

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