Tuesday, May 26, 2020

My Final #RandomThoughts for May 2020.....

As May 2020 drifts away into the dustbin of history, I was hopeful to end my #RandomThoughts on a high note as I did during Memorial Day 2020--yet the tragic killing of this 13-year child shocked me as I read this on the Telegram Channel for the Nobel Laureate Shirin Ebadi.   One can argue that it was too early for her to get married to her boyfriend--but that does not justify killing her savagely no matter what.

I also finished some thoughts on my Facebook Wall which I wanted to also release here as my Final entry for the Month.   We have so much to be  thankful for, but so much that we can do as we all figure out a way to live our lives beyond the lockdown--because we have got to get it done:

I close out with this reminder from the great Victor Frankl as I Look forward to my #RandomThoughts next month and being continually supportive of the mission of the Daily Outsider:

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