Saturday, August 4, 2018

On the Prowl w/ #RandomThoughts

@ USS Stocksdale 

It has been an interesting and challenging week and frankly a very challenging year.   But, the need to power on is an absolute fact especially as I had a chance to reflect on it while having the honor to join the USS Stocksdale Family Cruise in my capacity as a member of the City of Laguna Niguel's Military Support Committee.   I produced a Visual Essay of the Images I captured as I hope to write about it soon.

As I was on Cloud 9 on all the blessings in spite of the challenge while on the USS Stocksdale, my mind yet again drifted away to Iran and the predicament of the people.   These brave souls continue their protests as the ordinary faces ((that we've tried to be a voice of here in the Daily Outsider)).  It is heart wrenching as I was seeing reports of babies and body parts for sale so that ordinary folks can put food on their table.   Nader Shah The Great, one of the great Persian Shahs (Kings), anticipated this dark period:

He said that Mullahs (the fascists in charge in Iran) must be executed twice--once for a useless life and for being liars and cheaters.   This is as today is the day the first of the sanctions will hit Iran in the aftermath of the Sanctions as the Rial continues to collapse and corruption continues to be rampant ever more--as it was so tragic how only around 3,000 People seem to be the elite in Iran today.     

The dark clouds over Iran was captured by two of the leading Iranian Singers here:     

The people have arisen--I hope to be able to continue to  do what I can as  I join in the chorus to say #WeWillReClaimIran.   

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