Friday, April 20, 2018

"Random Thoughts"....

Saeed Mortavazi, Tehran's Former Prosecutor, "Missing in Action" 

The team was gracious enough to allow me to use "Random Thoughts" for these series as I helped with a number of curation efforts for the Daily Outsider  after having been away at a training retreat.     It has also been quite a week--and that's putting it mildly!!!

As I write this, I am watching Al Jazeera as it is broadcasting an epic on King Hussein of Jordan.   I have been especially been assessing the latest out of Iran which I look forward to helping with publishing a number of Notations over the ensuing weeks.   What I found irritating were reports that the former Prosecutor of Tehran, Saeed Mortavazi, was reported by the Chief Spokesman and Deputy Head of the Judiciary to be "Missing" and that they could not find him.    Mortazavi received a sentence for having been held responsible for the murder of the Journalist Zahra Kazemi and other crimes.    It was so funny how someone just randomly called up his Wife and his Wife said oh yes he's in Tehran but not currently home.    I could not help but just laugh--as my alternative was to simply cry.    This was also as I saw the horrific clip on a Young Lady in Tehran being roughed up by the so-called Morality Police that sparked outrage even by key figures in the Government sparking an investigation order by the Interior Minister.    Let's see where it all goes--I wished the Vice President for Women's Affairs Dr. Ebetkar success. 

As I was reflecting upon a rather challenging week, I re-read this Poem courtesy of my friend Anaahita Mahdavi that she posted to her Facebook Wall last week from the Master, Khalil Gibran and took comfort in it:   

I close out this with this simple thought as I wish all the best of weekends: 

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