Sunday, April 29, 2018

Out & About With Brief Thoughts...

I would admit it was quite a challenging Month as I reflect upon it in a multitude of fronts.  As I assisted with some weekly curation for the Daily Outsider, I took stock of all that I am thankful for--one of the most memorable events was being at Holy Thursday. 

Despite the profound challenges, I continue to remain hopeful as I was witness to Community Spirit in Action Throughout the Month.    It culminated in the 11th Taste of Aliso Niguel at the Laguna Design Center this past Saturday.   I had the privilege to serve as a Volunteer and in the midst of the chaos captured some images which continues to give me hope in spite of the profound challenges we continue to be faced with in our World--How such selfless souls came together to make such an event possible is beyond words.   

Onward to May with all that it entails!!

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