Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Random Thoughts: On #FreeNazanin , #Iran & Other Thoughts....

It has been a challenging few days especially as the World awaits the formal rejection of the Iran Deal by President Trump.   I saw this from Javad Zarif laughing with the head of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp that apparently has cooked up additional charges:

If they had at least some common sense, they'd make sure they kept the World on their Side.  I am not sure why they are both smiling especially in light of the true realities around the World which includes:
  • High Degree of Unemployment (including 60% according to estimates for the Government's Own Interior Ministry)
  • Two Wars (Syria and Iraq that we know of--in addition to Yemen, Afghanistan, Lebanon, etc)
  • Environmental Challenges (including lack of Water--that has been documented by the current head of Iran's Environment Organization)
This is as corruption continues to be ever so evident as epitomized by the head of the Judiciary.    I just laughed when I saw this from Hassan Rouhani when he was in the United States:

On the detention of Nazanin ratcliff and Rouhani's Lie that the Judiciary is indepdenent--that they have right to counsel and he can't interfere despite his "sensitives:

I hope he can now after the recent attack by the Head of the Judiciary calling him "lazy" as the World Faces the prospect of the Iran Deal unraveling thanks to Mr. Trump.   I remain hopeful--although I wonder:   

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