Friday, September 29, 2017

Random Thoughts On the Eve of the New Quarter......

It is the dawn of the new Quarter.     I worked away supporting the team at The Daily Outsider as we worked on a number of updates which will be available starting over the weekend.    I also saw this  (and shared it earlier on my Twitter Feed and my Personal Facebook Page):

I have listened to this about 5 times as I write this and his message to us all as a diverse and to be able to respect each other is so powerful is beyond words.     It is a much better that what he noted was the small horrible ideas--the need to treat our fellow human beings (whatever their race, gender, sexual orientation or religion) with dignity and respect.    I had lamented how Donald Trump did not seem to understand this as I repeatedly pleaded with him as one simple American along with his Son as they both engaged in a tossle with the NFL as the people of Puerto Rico suffered--and how the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security noted that it was a "good news story"--and as the people of Puerto Rico were suffering, the President was out Golfing--General Honoree was right on as he basically noted, "..if it was textbook, it is a new textbook..."   The FEMA Director was still in Washington when Andreson Cooper interviewed General Honoree--Holy cow!!!!    This interview with General Honoree was also trying--How the President was dismissive by saying, for instance, that shipping companies don't want the Jones Act lifted was beyond the pale.  

As I was so moved by this very powerful 5 minutes, I also thought of the art of the possible with this from Elon Musk--and at times I have wondered about the journey at #Outsiders.  Elon Musk is our generation's Edison and his belief in the art of the possible just blew me away as underscored with this courtesy of Vala Afshar: 

This is also a month that has seen one of the most profound tragedies in our World with the plight of the Rohnyiga which I wrote about earlier on my Facebook Wall: 

What continued to give me hope, though, was when my Son and I joined a day of service in support of the Aliso Niguel Second Harvest Food Bank Club at Zion Church in Anaheim.  Some 179 Families were served with over 798 souls taken care with some 5998 Meals and 7000 lbs of Food disbursed.   That's what gives me hope despite all that I saw over the past few weeks as I also saw this which I also released earlier on my Personal Facebook Wall:   

 As I look to this new quarter, I took comfort in this thought:

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