Thursday, September 14, 2017

Random Thoughts: On an interesting Month & Remaining Hopeful....

I begin my final Q3 2017 edition of "Random Thoughts" with this I received earlier in the Month from the Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County:


Recent Congressional budget proposals could likely result in some of the most dramatic cuts to food assistance programs like the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in decades.  

SNAP is the single largest program aimed at curbing hunger. This one program puts food into the hands of nearly 42 million Americans, almost half of them under the age of 18.   

Locally, SNAP benefits go to 247,600 people in Orange County - nearly 1 in 12 of everyone who lives in our community. 

There is no way that food banks and other nonprofits could replace the billions in cuts to SNAP benefits.

For Feeding America's statement on committee passage of House Budget Resolution, click here.

This was prompted by the proposed budget cuts of the Trump Administration.   I took time to write to Congressman Rohrabacher's Office underscoring this concern as some 315,000 people are considered "food insecure"--defined as not being able to eat a decent meal on a monthly basis here in Orange County.    Second Harvest--through its' network of 314 agencies throughout the county and its' own outreach efforts--helps with alleviating approximately 200,000 people on a monthly basis.    The figure I have seen nationwide is around 42 Million.      This is as the problem of homelessness was also on tap here in Orange County as I joined the Homeless Forum as agencies provided an overview of the services they provide.

This was also a month that saw America being hit with two major hurricanes which has seen Caribbean Islands totally devastated including the US Virgin Islands.   It was great to be witness to the 5 Living Former Presidents of the United States creating the fund to help with the recovery--and it was  privilege for me to add my voice to help spread the word as I did:

Hurricane Harvey shattered homes and lives. Irma is just as dangerous. Americans lift each other up. Join us to help. #OneAmericaAppeal
— Bill Clinton (@BillClinton) September 7, 2017

Even if one person was able to contribute because of what I did--it would have been worth it.   I also continued onward with supporting the Daily Outsider as the team was getting ready to be dark--although periodic updates will continue over Twitter which I will support as schedule permits.    

I had the pleasure to be at the Monthly Round table for the El Camino Real District of the Orange County District of the Boy Scouts of America.  I have the pleasure ot serve as a member of the committee.    We are gearing up for Scouting for Food 2017.   I had the pleasure to Chair the campaign for 2016 which yielded some 4,000 lbs which I hope we can build upon--For me it was a very challenging day in some respects as I was dealing with some business fires--yet, the closing of the Door of the Truck granted me some solace that I did make a difference that day.   The Council Chair, Jack Lamey, told me about it and I realized it in a major way and it was on my mind as I addressed the Roundtable.   

This week was also US Constitution Week as I had an opportunity to speak at an event on The President's Pardon Power.   As I prepared for the event, I did some research on the clips from the West Wing--This particular one particularly struck out:   

What I found so amazing was how the creators of the West Wing--including Lawrence O'Donnell who now is a host as MSNBC--anticipated many of the challenging times faced here and now with the profound political divide existing and some potential ways to solve it.    I also was blown away by how The West Wing anticipated the rise of Obama with Matt Santos (featured in this clip)--and how Matt Santos reached out to his Republican Opponent to bring him into his Cabinet.    

As I was working away finishing off final curation on my Social Media Channels and "going dark" to get some projects done, I released this to my Facebook Wall for my Final Facebook thought for the Quarter:

There is a lot to be thankful for--and a lot still to do.     I continue to remain hopeful despite all the profound challenges at hand because as Emel Mathlouthi noted, "...My Word is Free!!!"

Onward to the new quarter with all the great possibilities!!

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