Saturday, February 13, 2016

View of the Week (WeekEnd Edition): On Local Community Colleges

Welcome to the Week-End in #Outsiders.

One of the implicit goals we have had for this channel is to celebrate the great and the good.   This is as we also need to keep an eye on what is going on in Communities throughout the Nation.    This snapshot we received at our Virtual Studios earlier this week is a telling story of the challenges (and opportunities) that local communities have to contend with:

Route Fifty TodayFebruary 11, 2016
'For All Practical Purposes, Louisiana Is in Its Own Recession'

'For All Practical Purposes, Louisiana Is in Its Own Recession'

BILL LUCIA  |   As the state's budget situation worsens, revenue estimates are revised downward.

The Benefits of Smart Cities Are Apparent, But Is Local Government Ready for Them?

DAVE NYCZEPIR  |   And a bigger question: Is the widespread adoption of the smart cities model really just six to 10 years away?

Why the Collaboration of Government and High-Tech Is Smart

ERIN LATHAM  |   SPECIAL TO ROUTE FIFTY  |   Public-private partnerships help local IT departments afford meaningful solutions that handle vast amounts of high-value data.

State and Local Health Spending Flat in First Year of Medicaid Expansion

MATT MCKILLOP  |   THE PEW CHARITABLE TRUSTS  |   Nevertheless, health care spending remains a potential source of long-term fiscal pressure for states and localities.

As California's Transportation Funding Package Stalls, Road-Shaming Continues

DAVE NYCZEPIR  |   Trinity County's unplowed roads cost emergency personnel precious hours.

A Bold Transportation Plan for Urban America—Dead on Arrival

ERIC JAFFE  |   CITYLAB  |   The USDOT's $98 billion 2017 budget has a lot to recommend it, and virtually no chance of approval.

Challenges are multiplying especially as we are faced with a slowing World Economy and the headwinds of political change due to the election season that is before us.   As our on-going assessment of our Community continues, we will work to expand the deliberations to assess how best to be aware and be more engaged ever more.

Happy Valentine's Week-End to all!!

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