Thursday, February 18, 2016

Around Town in South County: An #Outsider newsflash onn the Latest in Our Hometown of Laguna Niguel

It was a very interesting and enlightening week in our hometown as San Diego Gas and Electric, the Local Utility for the Northern Part of Laguna Niguel, made a very exciting presentation to the City Council on an upcoming program to increase electric vehicle use in the City.  It is a program that has been approved by the California Public Utilities Commission.    We will be assessing this over the ensuing days and weeks.  

It was also of note how the vision and the follow-through by the City's Planning Commission resulted in the adoption and approval of a grant application of 50,000 to the Orange County Transportation system to develop a local trolley service for the City.     This is as the City is faced with a realignment of local bus service.  

We look forward to assessing these developments over the ensuing weeks and months.

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