Saturday, February 20, 2016

View of the Week: On Lost in Las Vegas & Other Thoughts......

As we celebrate the achievements of our hometown and the surrounding communities, we can't help but reflect upon the challenges other communities face around the World--which is part of our mission to think about and work to transform the conversation about our World one Notation at a time.    As we were working on our weekend curation, we received this from the Real News Network that our team has periodically supported which we wanted to feature especially as Nevada has been in the news in light of the caucuses and the win by Mrs Clinton:


Dear viewers,
On the day of the Nevada primaries, The Real News offers a special presentation of Lost in Las Vegas, a feature length documentary by Paul Jay.
Lost in Las Vegas reveals Las Vegas as a model of neoliberalism, a tale of the shape of things to come. It's all told through the eyes of a Canadian Blues Brothers act deciding whether they want to move their families to Vegas. It's two performers portraying two actors playing two fictitious characters in a town where everything is a replica of something else.

Watch the film on The Real News today:

The Real News Team

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