Saturday, July 18, 2015

Around Town in South County (Week-End Edition): On the ArrowTour & the Chang Tennis Classic

The  Rain came to Orange County this Week_End.   It was a beautiful scene and a welcome respite!!

This was also another vibrant & engaging weekend throughout the County.   Our team had a chance to visit Irvine Park Earlier today to join the "ArrowTour" put on by the Scouting Honor Organization--the Order of the Arrow.   It was especially notable as the entrance to the Park took almost 45 minutes due to a number of engagements & events going on!!!

At the Arrow Tour, Some 500 people joined this afternoon to be educated on the Order of The Arrow. One of the highlights we were quite gratified to see was a Movie that featured a speech by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as he joined the Jamboree.   He was a Scout and a member of the Order    For further interest, please visit

Our team also joined the Michael Chang Tennis Classic.  This is an event that is an annual event by the Chang Family Foundation in support of Home Aid Orange County--an organization we here @ Outsiders support.   Unfortunately, the rain delayed the exhibition game and the children's Clinic which are the highlights of the First Week-End--which did in fact finish as noted here:

Exhibition Match is over! #KeiNishikori & #Michaelchang took the match 2 sets to 1! And no rain! An amazing evening of tennis for all!

Posted by Michael Chang Tennis Classic on Saturday, July 18, 2015

    It was a beautiful Scene though as noted in this scene from The Newport Beach Tennis Club.   The Tournament itself is slated to be held on July 24 thru July 26.    We hope to be able to report on it.  For further information, please visit

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