Monday, September 22, 2014

Around Town In South County (9/22/2014): Notations 4 the Week & A "Virtual Treat" For All :-)

Election Fever is ever so around South County.    It was so gratifying to see Democracy in Action as the signs from Candidates vying for office has sprung up all around Town.      Laguna Niguel is one such city;  Where six candidates are competing for the two open seats on the City Council.    As the 40+ Days of  the campaign "home stretch" is at hand, we here @ "Outsiders" will share some insights & thoughts.

Despite all the challenges we see all around us, stories of hope are ever so beautiful.  The Orange County Register featured a great story on the byline of Nathan Percy as the Jessie Rees Foundation was featured.   It is such stories of hope and engagement that are ever so a ray of light in many a dark clouds we have to contend with all around the World.   We hope to have some further insights on such wonderful organizations here in South County over the course of the ensuing weeks & months.  
On 9/23/2014, AlertOC will also have an exercise as well which we will be reporting on.     As the new week dawns, a "Virtual Treat " to share w/all courtesy of Ted.Com:


The perfect lunchtime talks

One hour, 6 delightful talks -- as reinvigorating for the mind as a cup of coffee. Watch »
Total run time 1:03:52


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