Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Around South County (9/16/2014): A Brief "newsflash" on the Latest From The City of Laguna Niguel

The Laguna Niguel Military Support Committee had its' Monthly Meeting at Laguna NigueL City Hall under the chairmanship of the Mayor Pro Tem, Jerry McCloskey along with Councilmember Laurie Davies.    Committee Members deliberated the latest initiatives at hand as they deliberated initiatives in support of the 4th Marines along with USS Stockdale and USS McCloskey.

The Car wash (that was noted here) was a great success.  $ 9,947  Dollars was raised to support the families of the Marines.   There were some potential upcoming expenses that may offset this a bit.  It was a Community coming together.    There were also a number of initiatives (including a family day and other initiatives) which the Committee deliberated at length.

One very exciting initiative is a call-to-action to the Community to submit ideas under the City's BIONIC initiative (which stands for Bright Ideas and Opportunities that Nurture and Improve our Community).  The deadline is October 1.

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