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While On the Prowl: A Tribute to Iranian Women Courtesy the Farhang Foundati9on

Honoring the Extraordinary Women of the World.

Experience the extraordinary world premiere video release of "EY ZAN - ای زن (Hey Woman)", an awe-inspiring tribute to the strength and grace of women around the globe. This breathtaking collaboration features the captivating voices of Maliheh Moradi and Mina Deris, who lend their remarkable talent to this powerful ode to womanhood. 

Directed by Sargol Eslamian

Composed by Ehsan Matoori

Lyrics by Hossein Monzavi

Arrangement by Ehsan Matoori & Ali Montazeri

Cello: Aidin Ahmadinejad

Violin, Viola: Niloofar Sohi

Bass: Daniele De Cario

Guitar: Hamed Poursaee

About Maliheh Moradi

Trained by three of the most eminent Iranian vocalists, Mohammad-Reza Shajarian, Parisa, and Ali Asghar Shahzeidi, Maliheh Moradi has attracted attention as a rising star in Iranian classical music. Born to a musical family in 1984, Maliheh began playing tonbak at seven and started singing lessons with her father. She attended the Tehran Conservatory of Music, where she also learned setar.

She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Persian literature. Maliheh has received training in both vocal and instrumental music from renowned Iranian musicians, including Siamak Jahangiri, Hossein Alizadeh, Mozafar Shafiei, Hasan Pazouki, Mohammad Firouzi, Mohammad-Reza Ebrahimi, and Masoud Shoari.

Maliheh has sung in the Mowlavi Opera (along with Homayoun Shajarian), Singing in Shadow (accompanied by Siamak Jahangiri), and Atash Sabz (film score composed by Mohammad-Reza Darvishi). She has performed at international music festivals in Australia, Spain, Germany, and Poland.

Recently, Maliheh embarked on a new chapter in the United States to further her musical journey and is a prominent vocalist in the Voices Unveiled music project.

Her new album 'Our Sorrow,' composed by Ehsan Matoori, was published by ARC Nexus World on April 14, 2024.

About Mina Deris

Born in 1981 amidst the Iran-Iraq war, Mina embarked on a lifelong musical journey that would shape her identity and touch the hearts of many. From an early age, Mina's exceptional singing talent captivated those around her, earning her recognition as the best singer among her peers.

At 15, Mina felt a magnetic pull toward the enchanting world of Arab music inspired by the legendary Umm Kulthum. Growing up in Abadan, Iran, her Arab heritage and mother tongue naturally drew her to the mesmerizing melodies of Arabic classical music, known as maqam. After university, Mina dedicated herself to studying Iranian classical music under the guidance of Master Hengameh Akhavan and Master Farhang Sharif.

As her reputation grew, Mina became a sought-after vocalist, collaborating with various Iranian pop, folk, and fusion bands. In 2014, she proudly graduated from the esteemed Music Conservatory of Tehran, a testament to her years of dedication and hard work.

Driven by curiosity and a desire to bridge musical traditions, Mina delved into the exploration of ancient Arab melodies from the southern regions. Her unique approach involved blending these timeless melodies with modern electronic styles, creating a captivating fusion that resonated strongly with the younger generation.

Mina's talent took her to stages worldwide, captivating audiences in Iran, Qatar, Turkey, Italy, Germany, France, and Iraq. In 2017, she expanded her creative horizons by venturing into acting, taking on the role of an actress and singer in a powerful play about homeless women.

Since 2016, Mina has served as the lead singer of the renowned Novak Ensemble, releasing single tracks and albums like "Agitation" and "Bidel," which showcased her artistic vision and musical depth.

With the winds of change blowing in her homeland, Mina made the difficult decision to seek a new chapter in the United States. At Boston University, she delivered a powerful concert recounting the story of four decades of oppression and pressure.

Today, Mina is honored to be part of the Unveiled Voices band alongside composer Ehsan Matoori and singer Maliheh Moradi. Together, they continue to enchant audiences with heartfelt music, transcending cultural boundaries and connecting souls through the power of melody.

About Ehsan Matoori

Ehsan Matoori is an Iranian Santoor player, Composer and Music Producer.

Born in 1979 in Iran, Ehsan Matoori began learning Santoor (Iranian-dulcimer) based on Maestro Faramarz Payvar’s method at age 9.

He studied instrumental and vocal Radif (Iranian musical repertory) with Parviz Meshkatian and Pashang Kamkar, and later started teaching Santoor.

Ehsan took lessons from Ardavan Kamkar, one of the greatest contemporary Santoor players of Iran, known for his distinct playing style and tuning techniques. In addition to playing Santoor, Ehsan has studied music composition and harmony with Farhad Fakhroaldini and children’s music with Soudabeh Salem.

After moving to the United States in 2013, Ehsan performed with world music masters such as Sandeep Das (tabla), Jamal Mohamed (percussionist), Paul Sriji (mridangam), Maeve Gilchrist (jazz harp), Matthew Coley (marimba), Mike Block (cello), Bassam Saba (oud), Sybarite5 (string quintet) and Greg Ellis (percussionist). He has also been a member of SMU world music ensemble since 2013 and a member of the Silk Road Global Musicians Workshop as a faculty assistant and performer since 2016.

His first album “Phantasm” in collaboration with Mohsen Namjoo was published in 2019 and streamed more than 4,000,000 times and downloaded on all digital platforms. His love of learning about cultures and feeling their melodies, has inspired his musical compositions which represent these cultures and bring new words to the world. Exploring diverse musical and poetic traditions around the world, Matoori has recently been working on a multilingual project called “The Voices and Bridges” which was announced by the BBC world, BBC Persian and the Silk Road Project in July 2019 and July 2020.

Ehsan believes that his music “should bring happiness to people and bring people together.”


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